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The next generation of streaming capabilities! Be a part of the streamer's gameplay by interactions in the chat.

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We create something awesome! Stay tuned as we improve our solution every day. Join to our live stream to share your thoughts and test it before everyone else. It will help us to implement your ideas which will make everyone happier :) Without community the project will not be able to exists. No need for installing any software to join interactive chat on Twitch!

Do you want to see examples? Join our stream and find out what it is all about!

Intergated chat bot

Allows creating custom messages and events reacting on users messages

Build with community

Project will have full support for community custom events and addons

Chat events

Chat events will allow viwers to interact with game by activating specific action


Support for almost all games available without any modifications


Everything will happen on live stream thanks to our solution

Fast & easy

Custom wizard will help to setup all options and start interacting


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Opinion message: It was loud about something like this long time ago, maybe this time it will work pepeLove

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